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ai innovation in businesses

ActivePort and Radian Arc Transform Telecommunication with Accelerated AI Deployment

AI innovation in telecommunication is the next advancement world is currently witnessing. ActivePort (ATV) and Raiden Arc have announced to accelerate AI deployment within the telecommunications industry. 

In an interview with Market Herald, Peter Christie, ActivePort’s Chairman and CEO, talked about AI innovation in the telecommunication industry. The partnership seeks to utilize Radian Arc’s AMD-powered GPU platform. It is already implemented across a growing network of 50 teleco customers globally. This partnership’s objective is to provide GPU-as-a-Service (GaaS) for AI. It will enable telecommunication and their enterprise clients to deploy AI models within their networks effortlessly.

This groundbreaking collaboration will deliver unparalleled low-latency AI solutions, revolutionizing the industry. The advantage of the ActivePort and Radian Arc solution is the preservation of data sovereignty.

The Impact of ActivePort and Radian Arc Partnership on Users’ Privacy

The data sovereignty aspect establishes the collaboration between ActivePort and RadianArc as an impactful solution for uncompromising security demands. The company has ensured that the model data stays within the secure boundaries of the telecommunication network. Therefore, customers can rest assured about their sensitive data is safeguarded. 

Additionally, with the integration of AI and video streaming directly through telecommunication networks, organizations can unlock new possibilities for AI applications. It will benefit from reduced latency and enhanced data security.

AI Innovation and Its Impact on Telecom Businesses

Radian and ActivePort’s merger combines telecommunication infrastructure and cutting-edge orchestration technology. In an interview also shared on his Linkedin post, Peter Christie, ActivePort’s Chairman and CEO, talked about their vision. He said it would revolutionize the AI model training and deployment approach for telecommunication and enterprises.

ActivePort and Radian Arc are making notable progress in advancing AI innovation. It extensively caters to the changing demands of telecommunication and enterprise clients’ privacy and data safety. It is exciting to see how this will benefit telecommunication and nearly every industry, ensuring privacy and data safety.

AI innovation in business is transforming opportunities and streamlining operations to enhance customer experiences. If you want to learn more about how you can employ AI for your business, get in touch with Inferenz AI experts. Our expert team will help you develop an AI strategy tailored to your specific goals.