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Generative AI and Multi Cloud Strategies Rule The Roost At VMware’s Explore Conference

Generative artificial intelligence and multi cloud strategies emerged as two major focal points at  VMware’s annual Explore conference in Las Vegas. Significant announcements were made for both fields, including an extended collaboration with Nvidia Corp. 

Reportedly, the partnership will help enable customers run AI services adjacent to their data, emphasizing data privacy. By all means, this is a significant shift for VMware as it strives to facilitate the integration of generative AI into virtualized infrastructure.

Krish Prasad, the Senior Vice President and General Manager for the Cloud Platform Business at VMware, highlighted the development as the beginning of a new chapter. He also emphasized the importance of generative AI and its potential to drive new applications, powered by the partnership’s accelerated computing capabilities. Prasad’s sentiments were shared during an exclusive broadcast at the conference as he discussed the innovations with industry analysts.

To address the challenge of managing diverse infrastructures across multiple clouds while incorporating generative AI, VMware will be creating a unified multi cloud platform.

Prashanth Shenoy, Vice President of Product and Technical Marketing of the Cloud Infrastructure Business Group at VMware, highlighted the scarcity of experts with skills across various cloud providers. However, he also made it clear that the company’s objective is to simplify complexity and offer a unified solution.

The new platform was defined with the introduction of tools designed exclusively to streamline multi cloud management.

VMware’s approach goes beyond abstraction layers by utilizing solutions that run atop different cloud infrastructures to deliver a consistent experience for customers across endpoints. Furthermore, VMware’s strategy involves expanding its partner ecosystem, as evidenced by collaborations with Nvidia and major cloud providers.

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