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Artificial Intelligence Legislation news

Moderate Democrats to Develop Sensible, Bipartisan Policies with AI Working Group

August 16, 2023: The Moderate Democrats in the United States House of Representatives took the initiative to build an AI working group to enact new legislation concerning AI, the rising technology.

On August 15, 2023, the New Democrat Coalition announced the news of forming an AI group, where the Biden administration, lawmakers, and stakeholders will collaborate and work on the emerging technology. 

The goal is to chalk out practical, bipartisan policies to address rising technology within the US government. The artificial intelligence legislation is supposed to deeply assess emerging technology and tackle AI-relevant issues, ensuring optimal exploitation. 

A renowned Democrat from Washington, Derek Kilmer, will lead the group. At the same time, Jeff Jackson from North Carolina, Don Beyer of Virginia, Sara Jacobs of California, Haley Stevens from Michigan, and Susie Lee of Nevada will supervise it. 

The necessity for controlling and regulating the power of artificial intelligence has been addressed by multiple stakeholders, including academics, lawmakers, C-level executives, etc. 

On July 21, 2023, the White House mentioned that AI companies, such as Alphabet, OpenAI, Meta Platforms, etc., are to generate watermarking AI content for a safer outcome. 

The artificial intelligence legislation group created by New Democrat focuses on working closely with the US government and preparing sensible policies to harness the opportunities of artificial intelligence while dodging its potential risks and threats to democracy, employment, and national security. 

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