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Netflix Harness The Application of AI | The Future of Visual Effects With AI-Powered MGS Technology

Netflix has been using the application of AI and deep learning to tailor the user experience for a while now. Their algorithms use machine learning and AI-based solutions to predict the user’s interest based on their behavior on the platform. The integration of AI has helped Netflix create engaging content to increase viewership.

The streaming giant has made rounds with its new Magenta Green Screen (MGS), the new chroma key technology. It is developed by Netflix researchers, which overshadows former Green-screen technology issues. 

The previous Green-screen technology faced a drawback in its automatic usage. Chroma keying would fail to deliver the same precision as traditional film production. Moreover, the digitally covered background could display spots, especially when dealing with green clothing or intricate elements like hair strands.

Dima Smirnov, the Research Scientist at Netflix, shared in a LinkedIn post regarding the upcoming transformation in the VFX industry. Netflix’s new MGS technology is designed to record the “simultaneous high-quality alpha channel” in the background. It does not require any particular camera or manual keying techniques.

How Netflix Is Employing The Application Of AI To Level-Up Its VFX Game

Like other contemporary technological advancements, Netflix’s new MGS technology utilizes machine learning-powered algorithms. These algorithms transform the foreground actors, tinted in magenta, into vibrant, full-color entities.

The MGS operates a unique lighting setup where actors are filmed against vibrant green LEDs. The red and blue LEDs illuminate them from the front, creating a magenta glow. According to a research paper, this setup generates separate red, green, and blue channels. Consequently, the green channel captures the background and makes the foreground appear black. This helps the red and blue channels solely record the foreground, rendering the background black.

What’s even more impressive is that with the application of AI, it can accurately handle transparent objects and intricate details. With MGS, Netflix harnesses AI to restore the full spectrum of color in the foreground.

Netflix is just one of the many businesses embracing the AI revolution. This approach is still in its experimental stages because, currently, it is not feasible for large-scale productions. However, it has presented an innovative solution to long-standing media and VFX production challenges. The business landscape is undergoing a major transformation with the application of AI. If you are seeking to integrate AI into your business, get in touch with the experts of Inferenz.