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Parexel and Partex to Employ AI and Big Data For Drug Discovery

On Aug 15, 2023, Paraxel, one of the largest clinical research organizations across the world, collaborated with Partex, the first-ever Data-to-Drugs pharma platform, to bring a change into the pharma industry. The duo announced to leverage of AI-powered solutions for speeding up the drug discovery process. They are all set to employ AI for the betterment of pharma industries and healthcare units.

While Parexal specializes in Phase I to IV clinical development, Partex possesses big data and AI capabilities expertise. The partnership will advance future AI drug discovery and development, ensuring clinical success.

Jamie Macdonald, the CEO of Parexel, stated, “One of the biggest and most complex challenges in drug development is anticipating the investigational therapies that will be safe and effective treatment options.”

He also added, ‘Our innovative alliance with Partex helps to address this challenge by bringing to the forefront those assets with the strongest probability of clinical success, in turn enabling customers to focus their time and resources where it is most beneficial to patients.”
Parazel has taken responsibility for administering the clinical trial executions conducted by the Partex group of companies.

Alongside AI Drug Discovery, both parties are committed to enhancing clinical trial experiences and executions for patients through Partex-validated AI tools and technologies. They also aim to address other diseases where they can clinically try their newly-discovered drugs.

Gunjan Bhardwaj, CEO of Partex, said, “By combining Partex’s cutting-edge AI capabilities with Parexel’s renowned clinical research expertise, we aim to accelerate the delivery of safe and effective therapies to patients worldwide, ultimately transforming the biopharmaceutical landscape.

Integrate AI with Your Pharma Company for Optimal Results

Healthcare units and pharmaceutical and drug development companies are lately leveraging AI drug discovery solutions to enhance life-saving drug discovery programs, clinical trial executions, and treatment decisions. If you want your pharma company to stay ahead, offering customers a personalized experience, make sure to embrace AI.

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