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Azure certifications 2024

Azure Certifications: Definition, Benefits, and How to Get It

Azure Certifications validate one’s expertise in Microsoft’s cloud platform. From fundamentals to specialized roles like administrator or developer, these certifications are like testaments to a professional’s proficiency in deploying and managing Azure services. Azure certifications improve career prospects by letting certificate holders demonstrate practical skills in cloud computing. They help developers become valuable assets in the industry.

Cloud computing has emerged as one transformative force, and Microsoft Azure stands at the forefront of this revolution. Azure certification has become an important milestone for individuals aiming to validate their cloud solutions expertise.

They help unlock many career opportunities. In this article, we will look into what Azure certification includes, explore its career benefits, and provide a roadmap for those aspiring to become certified Azure professionals.

What are Azure Certifications?

Microsoft’s cloud platform, Azure, offers computing, analytics, storage, and networking services. Azure certification shows an individual’s proficiency in using these services to design, implement, and manage Azure cloud solutions. The certifications are structured to help different roles and proficiency levels, ensuring a comprehensive coverage of Azure’s diverse offerings.

The certification paths include roles such as Azure Administrator, Azure Developer, Azure Solutions Architect, and more. Each certification is tailored to validate specific skill sets that allow professionals to specialize in areas that match their career goals.

Here is a list of the best Azure certifications you can get before 2024 arrives!

  • Azure Fundamentals
  • Azure Administrator Associate
  • Azure Developer Associate
  • Azure Solutions Architect Expert
  • Azure DevOps Engineer Expert
  • Azure Security Engineer Associate

Career Benefits of Azure Certification

An Azure certification validates cloud computing expertise, which improves professional possibilities. It increases earning potential, provides access to a variety of professions, and guarantees competence in administering Microsoft Azure services—a critical ability in today’s tech-driven labor market. 

Azure Certification has multiple career benefits. The following are some of its top benefits that can help you advance your career:

  • Market RelevanceAzure is a leading cloud service provider globally, and organizations are increasingly adopting Azure solutions. As a certified Azure professional, you can position yourself as a valuable asset in the eyes of employers. With this particular certification, you can demonstrate your ability to excel and contribute to the cloud-centric future of technology.
  • Lucrative Career Opportunities: Azure certification opens doors to many job opportunities. Roles such as Azure Administrator, Azure Developer, and Azure Solutions Architect are in high demand. These Azure-certified professionals can often command higher salaries than their non-certified counterparts. The scarcity of skilled Azure professionals in the job market further improves the value of Azure certification.
  • Learning Advancement: Azure certification catalyzes career progression beyond immediate job prospects. Whether you want to climb the corporate ladder within your current organization or explore new roles, having Azure certification on your resume signals employers that you possess the necessary skills for leadership roles.
  • Global Recognition: Microsoft’s certifications are globally recognized. This makes Azure certification a valuable asset for professionals looking for international career opportunities. The skills validated by Azure certifications are transferable across industries. This allows certified individuals to explore different sectors and geographical locations.
  • Skill Validation: Azure certification is a badge and testament to your practical skills and knowledge. The certification exams assess your ability to solve real-world problems using Azure services. Achieving certification signifies hands-on experience and a deep understanding of Azure’s capabilities.

Why Azure is Important: An Inferenz Case Study

Data Warehouse and Analytics Case Study: A leading US healthcare service provider faced challenges with scattered data across different source systems, leading to time-consuming data access and hindering timely decision-making.  

Using Azure Data Factory, Snowflake, PowerBI, Azure Functions, and Python, Inferenz implemented a comprehensive solution for our client. Our team understood their source systems better, swiftly implemented a data warehouse using the Inferenz framework, and achieved a single source of truth for reports and dashboards.  

This consolidated view improved executive decision-making by promptly reflecting sales, revenue, and payroll. The integrated data view from various acquisitions in a single warehouse fastened the speed and power of data analytics, all powered by advanced Azure technology, among others.

How to Get an Azure Certification?

Getting an Azure certification requires a structured approach. It is just like appearing for other cloud computing certifications. The important steps include:

  • Preparation
  • Training
  • Examination

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you start on your Azure certification journey:

  • Choose Your Certification First: Identify the certification that aligns with your career goals. Whether you are interested in administration, development, or architecture, Microsoft offers certifications tailored to your specific role.
  • Acquire the Prerequisite Skills: Familiarize yourself with the prerequisites for the chosen certification. Microsoft provides detailed exam outlines and skills measured for each certification. They help you understand the knowledge and experience required.
  • Training and Resources: You can use Microsoft’s official learning paths, documentation, and online courses to build a sound knowledge base. Moreover, you can explore external training platforms, virtual labs, community forums, and YouTube videos to gain practical insights and tips from people who have already obtained an Azure certification.
  • Hands-On Experience: Azure is best learned through hands-on experience. Set up a free Azure account to access a limited range of services without incurring charges—experiment with creating virtual machines, deploying models and applications, and configuring networks to improve your theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • Practice Exams: Learn about the format and style of the certification exams by taking practice tests. Microsoft also offers official practice exams that simulate the exam environment. These can provide valuable insights into areas where you may need further preparation.
  • Review and Refine: Regularly revisit the exam objectives and assess your progress. Focus on areas where you feel less confident and seek additional resources to strengthen your understanding. Join Azure communities, participate in forums, and engage with professionals who share their certification experiences.
  • Schedule and Take the Exam: Once you feel you’re adequately prepared, opt for scheduling your Azure certification exam. Microsoft offers online exams that provide flexibility based on your location and preferences. Take the exam confidently, without worrying, and rely on your preparation to succeed.
  • Continue Learning: Like cloud computing, Azure is constantly evolving. Stay updated with all the latest features and trends by regularly exploring Microsoft’s official documentation, attending webinars, and participating in relevant communities. Consider pursuing advanced certifications to boost your expertise further.

Azure Certifications: Let the Experts Take Over

Azure certification is not merely a checkbox on your professional journey but a gateway to a world of opportunities and career growth. As businesses embrace the cloud, the demand for skilled Azure professionals will only intensify.

At Inferenz, we are proud of our team of skilled developers with Azure certifications who never back down from a challenge. They can help set up your business with the latest cloud computing technology, especially with the help of Azure.

Our professionals will deeply dive into your company’s dataset and assist you in cloud and on-premise data migration. For more information and the best data solutions help, contact Inferenz today!

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