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IRCAI, AWS to Stand by Startups Using AI and Cloud Computing for Climate Solutions

August 8, 2023: The International Research Centre on Artificial Intelligence (IRCAI) collaborated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support startup companies using cloud computing and AI to administer climate challenges. Together they are going to launch the first-ever global program, Compute for Climate Fellowship. The sole objective of IRCAI and AWS for startups is to assist new entrepreneurs in creating practical solutions to address the climate crisis in 6 crucial areas. 

This IRCAI and AWS for startups global program will choose startup companies with brainstorming ideas and take responsibility for their funding needs. It indicates that the startups can receive total funding for their proofs of concept (POC). The application forms have rolled out today, and interested startups can submit them by August 31, 2023. They also get to present their ideas at AWS’ re: Invent conference in November 2023. In addition, the startups that fail to make their way into the global program can still gain access to $5,000 in AWS credits and training.

“Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our generation and our message to the innovators out there with this program is: bring us your boldest, most visionary ideas and we’ll help you build them for free,” said Howard Wright, VP and Global Head of Startups at AWS while announcing about the Compute for Climate Fellowship program.

He added, “By offering computing capabilities and access to new technologies, such as generative AI, to startups tackling climate-related challenges, the Compute for Climate Fellowship will continue our mission of driving sustainability through the cloud and hopefully help us change the course of the climate crisis.”

Who is Eligible to Apply For the Compute For Climate Fellowship Program?

Through this global fellowship program, IRCAI and AWS for startups will select teams with the most innovative cloud computing ideas. Also, the applicants must stay devoted to finding the best solutions for six critical climate problems in this battle against the climate crisis. 

Those areas include: 

  • Climate risk and resilience
  • Food security
  • Biodiversity and conservation
  • Climate-related health
  • Circular economy
  • ESG analytics

Team Up With Inferenz To Get The Most Innovative Cloud Computing Ideas 

The IRCAI and AWS for startups Compute for Climate Fellowship programs have just opened today. We at Inferenz can equip you with the best cloud computing ideas and solutions that can be implemented into your startup to address those 6 crucial climate crises. For a detailed discussion, contact us today!

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