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Microsoft’s latest integration for Python

Microsoft Introduces Native Integration for Python in Excel

Microsoft has launched yet another significant integration for Excel. This time, it’s the new Python integration that will expand the software’s capabilities. 

Launched through Public Preview on August 22, it will allow direct access to Python within Excel’s interface. That means, Excel users can now input Python code directly into cells using the new “PY” function. 

Also, the collaboration with Anaconda will enable native integration, thereby eliminating the need for any additional installations. For data professionals, this new integration shall empower them to work with multiple tools for data cleaning, predictive analytics, and machine learning within Excel.

Microsoft believes that the new integration will simplify the utilization of Python within Excel, and enhance its capabilities for seamless data analysis and manipulation. All calculations will be performed in the Microsoft Cloud, and the results and visualizations will be returned to the worksheet. 

Python libraries like scikit-learn and statsmodels can also be utilized for different tasks, including machine learning and forecasting. Further, the feature will also support Excel’s existing tools such as formulas, PivotTables, and charts which in turn will facilitate seamless workflow integration. 

The access to this new feature is available to Microsoft 365 Insiders through the Beta channel within Excel. The Python integration is expected to roll out to Excel for Windows initially and later to other operating systems.

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