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Boost Customer Experience with ai

NTT States, Expenditure in Cloud, AI, and Employee Experience Boosts Customer Experience

A recent report from the leading IT infrastructure, NTT Ltd., unveils that investing in cloud solutions, artificial intelligence, and employee experience can significantly boost customer experience. 

The parent organization of Dimension Data has published its 2023 Global Customer Experience Report. It clearly shows that customer experience positions are the top C-suite priority, and 95% of companies now have their own C-suite executive liable for this specific business area. Concurrently, the significance of employee experience (EX) has elevated to a top-three priority for CEOs.

The report states that many companies acknowledge that enhancing the customer experience (92% of organizations) and employee experience (91% of organizations) can positively affect a company’s turnover. 

The data also suggests that around 80% of organizations lack CX and EX, which could be responsible for the downfall in business. In addition, as per the reports, approximately 96% of organizations strongly believe that evolving work culture and employee engagement models drive the need for new technologies. 

The Global Customer Experience Report by NTT also highlights that leading organizations have embraced digitalization and integrated AI automation, cloud-based solutions, and machine learning technology to boost customer experience. The report suggests that cloud technology appears in the leading position in the list of solutions that have the power to reshape the future capabilities of CX. Moreover, NTT has ranked cloud technology ahead of predictive analytics and artificial intelligence. 

Amit Dhingra, Executive Vice-President, Managed Network and Collaboration Services at NTT, recently quoted, “Over the last few years, we have witnessed an increasing link between CX and EX, and the need for them to be addressed through technology. Our data shows that companies that invest in technologies to improve CX and EX are significantly more likely to stay ahead of the curve, not just in financials, but also in customer and employee satisfaction.” 

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As you can see, your company’s growth depends on how much improvement you can bring in your CX and EX. By employing AI solutions, predictive analytics, cloud technologies, machine learning, etc., you can boost customer experience, employee experience, and overall revenue. 

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boost customer service with ai