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Top Data Collection Tools of 2023

Top Data Collection Tools of 2023 for Data Enthusiasts

A data collection tool or software enables more extensive data gathering that can be further analyzed for insights. Gathering high-quality data often requires the help of tools that offer more functionalities than simple spreadsheets and survey forms. 

These tools capture data in highly specialized structures, including geotags, time stamps, feedbacks etc. Whether in e-commerce, big tech or market research, without “big data”, recognizing buyer behaviors and targeting would be virtually impossible. 

Data collection tools have proven to be the swiftest way of organizing data in 2023. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the top data collection tools to help you gather and organize data.

Comparing the Top Data Collection Tools

Before delving further, let’s take a comparative look at the top data collection tools of 2023:

Tool Type of Tool Availability Mostly Used For Pros Cons
Fulcrum Mobile App Paid Field Data Collection Offline data collection, Customizable forms Limited free features, Costs for advanced plans
Zonka Feedback Survey Software Free & Paid Customer Feedback Multichannel feedback, Real-time analytics Relatively Higher Pricing
FastField Data Collection Paid Form Building Streamlined data collection, User-friendly Limited Customization
Jotform Online Forms Free & Paid Data Gathering Versatile, Customizable Integration options Some advanced features require a paid plan
QuestionPro Survey Platform Free & Paid Survey & Polls Ease of use, Versatility, and Data analysis tools Higher cost, Limited free plan


Fulcrum is a data collection tool focusing exclusively on geo-location. It uses mapping services to integrate a location’s street, satellite and terrain views upon the existing data. The tool automatically geotags photos, audio and video, providing critical location-based insights.

You can use Fulcrum to gather geographical insights on all sorts of data, from audio clips, signatures, and scanned barcodes to videos. Through its web application, Fulcrum provides flexible data export options that let you export data in various formats, including Excel, CSV, and Shapefile. 

While Fulcrum relies mostly on Android & iOS app data, it still is a  crucial tool for creating the ideal customer profile based on geographical location. 

Pricing – Starter – $15/mo | Professional – $36/mo

Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback gathers data based on the satisfaction rating of customers. Zonka Feedback offers highly customizable survey and evaluation forms that can be sent through email, text messages or mobile app notifications. 

Its cross-platform versatility makes it an excellent option for post-sale data collection. This application quickly analyzes data and provides insights in real- time. 

Zonka can generate automated apology texts or emails if the customer review is negative. For niche products and services, Zonka can be a useful tool for predictive analytics, especially in marketing.

Pricing – Free | Starter – $49/mo | Professional –  $99/mo | Growth – $199/mo  


FastField simplifies form design, validation, and data transmission to streamline data collection. It offers a thorough onboarding process when you sign up, including an introductory video, simple access to the Help Centre, and round-the-clock ticket support. 

FastField appeals to individuals looking for an effective data collection solution because of its user-friendliness. Fastfield can be valuable for companies handling large amounts of data. 

It is regarded for its quick data visualization into simple-to-read charts and graphs. The reports can also be exported into several file types, such as Word or PDF documents, so you can provide your clients with the precise information they require

Pricing – $25 per user/month.


Jotform is a popular data collection tool that offers more than 10000+ templates to build data forms. Jotform is a versatile tool that can build all types of forms from event registration, custom order forms, and job application forms to customer feedback surveys. 

Jotform, like Fastfield, can immediately curate statistics to form visually appealing data. It makes the data presentable and ready for reporting at any time. It also enables users to accept payment through portals like Paypal, Stripe and Square. 

With Jotform Tables, a spreadsheet-database hybrid tool, you can analyze, cross-reference, store and manage data all under one platform.

Pricing – Free Edition |  Bronze Edition – $29 | Silver Edition – $39/mo


As a premier tool for data collection, QuestionPro provides easy-to-use software for survey design, distribution, and online data analysis. 

This flexible platform is favored by companies, researchers, and organizations looking for individualized insights and feedback from niche audiences, making it a priceless resource for market research and endeavors that are feedback-driven. 

You can ask up to 300 survey questions to gain feedback on QuestionPro.

Pricing – Free | Paid Version – $99/mo

Choose the Optimal Data Collection Tool In 2023

Data collection is booming in 2023 thanks to specialized data collection tools that can meet a range of requirements. Each tool has its advantages and disadvantages but taken together, they enable businesses, researchers, and organizations to use data to make informed decisions. 

These tools lay the path for a future where data is abundant since data is and will always be the foundation of progress. 

Inferenz offers important solutions related to data design, analytics, architecture and predictive analysis.  For more such insights into big data, and how to properly utilize data collection tools, get in touch with us today!

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