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Apple Developing GenAI Features for Apple Devices news

Apple Developing GenAI Features for iPhones and Macs

Apple is reportedly set to join the ranks of tech giants integrating generative AI into their product lineup. According to a recent Bloomberg report, Cupertino has been diligently working on a suite of features for Apple AI. These features are likely to be reflected in their iPhones, Macs, and various other services.

The project, tentatively named Apple GPT, will push forward Apple AI in the upcoming months. It is poised to be a substantial language model and is being spearheaded by three senior Vice Presidents at Apple: John Giannandrea, Craig Federighi, and Eddy Cue.

The upcoming iOS 18 is expected to harness several Apple AI, i.e., Generative AI features. The company is exploring avenues to integrate Apple GPT into its Xcode developer’s app. Apple’s news follows the recent revelation by Foxconn and NVIDIA, where both these industry giants talked about their plans to collaborate on “AI Factories.”

What Changes Can Apple Devices Expect With AI?

One of the initial goals is to empower Siri with Apple GPT capabilities. It is anticipated to be unveiled as early as next year.  Apple is looking forward to infusing its first-party applications, such as Apple Music, Pages, and Keynote, with Apple GPT features. This could include features like auto-generated playlists, mirroring what Spotify offers.

Apple is weighing options for implementing generative AI, including on-device, cloud-based, or a hybrid approach. On-device AI may bolster user privacy, while a cloud-based setup could offer stronger Apple GPT experiences. 

While tech giants like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon have already taken strides into the world of generative AI, Apple is gearing up to close the gap. Its aim has now shifted to provide innovative AI-driven services to its user base. 

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