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DS Automobiles to Integrate AI Onboard Cars news

Cars to Have AI Now: DS Automobiles to Integrate ChatGPT Onboard

DS Automobiles, a part of Stellantis, has unveiled a groundbreaking integration of ChatGPT into its DS IRIS SYSTEM. This innovation is set to elevate the in-car experience for users across their DS 3, DS 4, DS 7, and DS 9 vehicle range.

In a trend worth noting, luxury automaker Mercedes Benz and automobile giant GM are also exploring the utilization of ChatGPT in cars. Their efforts are concentrated on simplifying their operations and improving customer interactions. 

The functionality of ChatGPT in cars will leverage its natural language processing and generating functions. It will likely allow vehicles to respond to voice commands with never-before-seen quality and versatility. This will also convert the DS onboard voice recognition system into an all-encompassing digital assistant for drivers.

How is ChatGPT Expected to Work in Cars?

This interaction with the DS IRIS System is activated by a simple “OK IRIS” voice command. This feature can also be activated by pressing on the steering wheel button, enabling a safe and distraction-free experience while driving.

The integration of ChatGPT in cars opens up a new dimension of interaction within the automotive realm. Users can engage with AI in diverse conversations like seeking tourist destination recommendations or food hotspots locally. They can also discuss the historical importance of the play they just watched or even create a note for later use. 

Olivier Francois, Head of DS Automobiles, emphasizes their commitment to delivering a unique onboard experience. By pioneering the integration of ChatGPT, they can make this intuitive AI platform accessible to its customers. 

DS Automobile has launched a pilot phase called “SoundHound AI powered by ChatGPT’ within Stellantis to evaluate the customer reaction and experience. Customers can enjoy this integration at no extra cost for a six-month period if they subscribe between October 19, 2023, and February 29, 2024. This integration will make ChatGPT in cars the new norm.

The evaluation data will be based on the first 20000 requests made. Successful implementation could pave the way for this AI technology to extend to Citroen and other Stellantis-owned brands, including Jeep.

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