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Case Studies

Inferenz technology experts help startups, SMEs, and large enterprises in ML/AI development, predictive analysis, Blockchain development, data analytics and solution, and data design, architecture, and engineering services. The team has worked with startups, SMEs, and large enterprises from different industries to implement the latest technology and stay ahead. For example, Inferenz experts worked with a manufacturing and eCommerce company by implementing advanced tools like Darknet, OpenCV, Tensorflow, and Python. Before implementing ML/AI technology, the company had difficulty mining text from non-readable documents. Inferenz experts used the AI model to help the client structure data and check the quality of input documents. Smart OCR performed on each record ensures that the quality of each paper is restored and generates MIS charts and reports become easy. The pharmaceutical company from Germany needed help to predict the vital health parameters of patients. Inferenz predictive analysts used Python and PostgreSQL technologies to handle the missing values and imbalanced datasets. The advanced technology implemented by experts helped healthcare professionals analyze the positive and negative health parameters to predict diseases before their onset. The developed framework, like model evaluation and testing, model training, and feature engineering, were implemented to improve the internal process. Inferenz experts are skilled in using technologies like SQL Server, Snowflake, PowerBI, Python, and Azure Data Factory to build data analytics solutions and get the eCommerce company 100% information available in real-time. The predictive analytics solutions were implemented to segment customers and improve the marketing channel’s effectiveness. The data warehouse and analytics services of Inferenz include understanding the existing source data system of the organization and designing the data warehouse that meets the business needs. The efficient and quick data implementation with the help of the Inferenz framework boosts data analytics power and speed. Inferenz has not only worked with clients from different industries but also ensured that they get benefits from services, including data analysis, data and cloud migration, and Metaverse/Blockchain development. Inferenz has helped many small and large enterprises to improve their business by implementing the latest technology that boosts outcomes and generates more revenue.

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