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Customer Analytics

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Customer Analytics

The concept of Customer Analytics is not new but has been gaining traction over the last few years as organizations realize that they need to have a 360-degree view of their customers in order to keep them engaged with their brand. Marketlo – Customer analytics is the new frontier of customer relationship management.

Knowing your customer’s needs are not limited to just knowing what they want, but when, where and how they want it. Our Customer analytics feature allows organizations to gain a deeper understanding of their customers’ buying behaviour, which eventually helps companies make better strategic decisions about what products or services to offer, how to work on different campaigns for different customer segments efficiently, how much to charge for them, where they should be sold, and how best to communicate with customers. This way, it helps companies improve their products or services based on these insights so that they can offer better value to their customers while maintaining a competitive advantage over other players in the market space.

  • Customer Scoring and Ranking: Customer scoring is one of the methods to developing a customer model by regularly scoring the customer based on certain identified and chosen parameters to get a better understanding of the customer’s behavior. By scoring each customer against criteria that are specific to the business and its goals, we can rank customers and measure both the customer loyalty, purchase basket size as well as the effectiveness of marketing/ advertisement campaigns. Ranking can also be done according to their level of interest in your offers, their buying behavior, or their likelihood to respond positively to solicitations. For example, if someone has a low score (which means they’re less likely to buy), then you might want to send them fewer emails or make fewer phone calls than someone who has a high score (meaning they’re more likely).

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