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Multi Touch Attribution

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Multi Touch Attribution

Marketlo – Multi-touch attribution is a method used to attribute credit for a conversion (such as a sale or lead) to the various touch-points or channels of a consumer’s journey (such as advertising campaigns, website visits, email clicks, etc.) that led up to it.  It enables marketers to understand the contribution of each touch-point in the customer journey and adjust their marketing strategies accordingly. This technique assigns fractional credit to each touch point, allowing marketers to see how much influence each channel has on a sale.

  • The benefits of Marketlo – Multi-touch attribution models are: it provides a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of the customer journey by attributing credit for a conversion across multiple touch-points (such as ads, email, website visits, etc.) rather than just one.
  • These models can also help identify which marketing channels and tactics are most effective and where to allocate budget.
  • Additionally, multi-touch attribution can help identify areas where there may be gaps in the customer journey and opportunities for optimization.
  • Overall, Multi-touch attribution models provide more insights into the customer journey and help in making data-driven decisions.

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