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Data and Cloud Migration

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Data and Cloud Migration

Reduce your IT expenses, grow faster, increase your visibility and create happier user experiences.
McKinsey predicts that approximately $100 billion of wasted migration spend is expected over the next three years, and most enterprises cite the costs around migration as a major inhibitor to adopting the cloud. Our Data to Cloud Migration solutions can help you avoid hopping on to this bandwagon.

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On-Prem to Cloud Migration

App Data Migration

SQL to Snowflake Migration

Hadoop to Snowflake Migration

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FAQs related to Data and Cloud Migration

There are a couple of benefits that businesses get quick access to by migrating to the cloud. They can support bigger workloads and traffic than they can off-cloud. Costs are reduced because of the reduction in maintenance and constant updates. Their performance improves which contributes to better user experiences. Data to cloud migration solutions exist for businesses of all sizes. Some of the benefits for them are:

  • Cost-effective and flexible
  • Better collaboration
  • Automatic software updates
  • Faster responses
  • Enhanced security and data sharing

Start by evaluating your in-house skill sets. If you don’t have the right quantity and quality of expertise, its recommended that you hire outside help. There is some resistance in outsourcing help because of a fear of losing control but the right partner will ease your worry give you added benefits such as better use of your time and resources on other important tasks. Sometimes, all you need may be a mix of both. This can help you leverage the strengths and experiences of both sides.

Considering the importance of this exercise, you must ask the right questions to get the right partner. If you know what you need, there is no reason to make any compromise in your ask.

Your partner must give a clear understanding of the solution they are offering. You must ask how impactful, secure, and robust it will be. Cyber-attacks are not unusual and hence your business needs to have security measures in place. A good data to cloud migraton strategy will take care of this aspect from the start.