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Data Cleansing: What Is It & Why It Matters?

Data Cleansing, or Data Cleaning in general, is a detailed procedure of removing or modifying incomplete, duplicated, corrupted, or inaccurate data within a dataset. A solid data cleansing strategy will ensure the trustworthiness of data stored in the database to gain insights and make profitable business decisions.

The primary role of the data cleansing process is to improve data analysis, boost productivity, and prevent employee and customer frustration. This guide will reveal what data cleaning is and why it is vital for individuals and business owners.

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What Is Data Cleansing?

Data cleansing involves cleaning outdated and inaccurate data to streamline business operations and reduce resource wastage. Many small and large enterprises face the issue of data duplication that leads to poor decision-making processes. However, businesses should understand that data cleaning focuses on updating, correcting, modifying, and consolidating data rather than only cleaning it.

Frequently performing data cleansing will help businesses utilize regular and structured data to improve in-house business operations, forecast market trends based on data, and generate a continuous revenue stream. Below is how data cleaning can help both individuals and businesses improve efficiency.

  • Data Cleaning For Businesses

Cleaning data is crucial for business, especially when the competition is fierce in the digital world. Enterprise databases hold customer and employee information that can be effectively utilized to get the most from marketing strategies.

Accurate customer information allows organizations to improve their strategies based on customer behavior and market trends, leading to improved sales. With a data cleansing process, employees don’t waste time wading through countless outdated documents and make decisions quickly.

  • Data Cleaning For Individuals

Aside from enterprises, data cleansing allows individuals to keep their paperwork and important documents handy. Having clean, accurate, and organized data will help individuals find the most recent files and critical documents without following a time-consuming manual process.

Inferenz has a team of certified data analysts who help businesses eliminate the time-consuming data-cleaning process. Experts use advanced tools and technologies to declutter the database so that the internal team pulls the correct information every time. Read our case studies here.


Importance Of Data Cleansing

B2B data decays at a rate of 35% every year, which means around ⅓ of the company’s data becomes irreverent, corrupt, and unusable during a year. The only way to access high-quality data at the right time is by performing a data cleansing strategy at specific intervals. Below is the list of benefits that data cleaning offers to business owners.

  • Keeps Data Organized

In the digital world, businesses collect information from clients, product users, customers, etc., to improve their services and match customer demands. Cleaning data regularly and removing outdated information from the database will help organizations make intelligent decisions based on data analysis.

  • Avoid Costly Errors

Data cleaning is the ultimate solution to eliminate incorrect data or troubleshooting that can lead to costly errors. With accurate information, internal teams can process data faster, avoid significant delays, and minimize errors due to poor data quality. In addition, it will help employees save time and make the best use of their work hours.

  • Enhances Productivity

Cluttered and outdated databases can harm the productivity of internal teams. Regularly cleaning old data and updating the database with new information help teams find the information fast and enhance productivity. Furthermore, maintaining high data quality in the database will help companies deliver superior customer service and retain customers.

  • Improve Business Decisions

Using data efficiently can help businesses find innovative ways to target customers, improve in-house decisions, and gain a competitive advantage over the top competitors. Clean data ensures that the reports are free from irrelevant, oversaturated, or cluttered information. Thus, it allows teams to make better and more informed business decisions.

  • Target Right Market

The sheer volume of coarse data can cause businesses to target the wrong market. This can not only harm the business revenue but can also affect the market reputation. Data cleaning can help clean up the old data and update it with new information to target the right market segment and generate results.

  • Efficient Email Campaigns

Sending emails to loyal customers is the most crucial aspect of improving the ROI of email campaigns. However, using inefficient and outdated data for email campaigns can lead to reduced open rates and resource wastage.

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Start Data Cleansing Process Today

Data cleansing is a vital aspect of the data analytics process that maintains the overall data quality. Using poor-quality data to create business strategies and make decisions can affect a company’s market reputation. Any data analysis based on inaccurate and unorganized information can make it challenging for teams to make decisions and generate better revenue.

That said, every small and large enterprise should work on improving its data quality with the help of a robust data cleansing strategy. If you are a business owner who intends to declutter the database and organize information with a comprehensive data-cleaning process, get in touch with the experts of Inferenz.