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AI Chatbots For Businesses: ChatGPT & 12 Best AI Chatbots

Finding the best AI chatbots have become a hot topic lately, and that too for a good reason. Individuals are using conversational AI chatbots to automate repetitive and mundane tasks. Besides, many businesses are leveraging the power of advanced AI chatbot platforms to streamline interactions with customers. 

From welcoming customers on the website to help them during product discovery, an AI-powered chatbot can do it all. But not all chatbots are the same. In order to maximize the benefits of chatbot technology, it’s vital to choose the best AI chatbots for 2023. This guide reveals the best chatbots so you can make the ideal choice for your business. 

What Are Artificial Intelligence Chatbots Online? 

Chatbot technology has come a long way and is reshaping the customer service experience. An AI-enabled chatbot uses machine learning to converse with people. Customers can ask questions to intelligent chatbots online and get quick solutions to their queries. 

As per Statista, the size of the chatbot market is expected to cross 1.25 billion U.S. dollars in 2025. This indicates that more businesses are using chatbots to improve customer service, increase business sales, and boost website engagement. 

Some of the best benefits of using artificial intelligence chatbots in 2023. 

Increased Sales

AI chatbot solutions can recommend products depending on customer demands and requirements. It can upsell and cross-sell products during its conversation with the customers. 

Personalized Shopping Experience 

Customers spend more time with a brand if they offer a personalized shopping experience. Shoppers say they will likely buy from retailers if they receive customized recommendations. Integrating smart chatbots will help you boost sales and improve the online shopping experience. 

Improved Communication 

Many companies prefer integrating the best AI chatbots to improve communication between the brand and customer. As chatbots are available 24*7, they can keep your website visitors engaged and offer quick support. 

13 Best AI Chatbots For Your Business [2023]

Let us now reveal the list of the best AI chatbots available online for businesses. 


Since ChatGPT’s inception in late 2022, it has been in the news due to its unmatchable capabilities. The conversational AI platform is based on OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 or GPT 4 and is free. You can use ChatGPT by writing detailed and customized prompts to generate answers, letters, emails, and more. However, due to its limited knowledge of world events, it may provide inaccurate results. 


Tidio is an artificial intelligence chatbot for your business that uses deep learning to improve customer support and sales generation. This best chatbot tool is easy to use, helping you to create your eCommerce AI chatbot. These AI chatbots use machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) technology to support shoppers and boost sales efficiently. 


Drift is one of the best AI-powered chatbots, specially designed for B2B brands. The chatbot offers real-time engagement and personalized user experience for buyers. The best part about the powerful AI chatbot is that it can integrate with other tools like Zaiper, MailChimp, Google Analytics, etc. 


One of the best AI chatbots available online in 2023 is atSpoke. It provides employees with all the knowledge they need about customers and business. The internal ticketing system with built-in help desk AI technology allows internal teams to enjoy 5x faster resolutions while automatically answering 40% of requests. 

WP Chatbot

WP-Chatbot can easily integrate with a Facebook Business page and power live and automated interactions with a WordPress site. The easy one-click installation process allows fast addition to live chat. 


The custom chatbot is designed for finance businesses and delivers real-time customer service using deep conversational AI models. It can serve as a virtual assistant for banking customers and improve engagement on various platforms. 


One of the best AI chatbots for personal medical assistance is Medwhat. It can provide medical consulting to patients with relevant information based on their health condition. This chatbot benefits organizations wanting to adopt AI in healthcare and reduce human error. 


One of the most advanced AI chatbots that collect employee feedback for companies is Infeedo. The virtual assistant communicates with the employees to understand those who are unhappy, about to leave, or disengaged. 


WATI, officially integrated with WhatsApp, is an AI chatbot application for customer service. Companies that operate on WhatsApp can integrate the tool to improve customer interaction and optimize experiences, leading to more sales. 


Intercom is one of the feature-rich AI software that supports chatbots and live chat and offers messenger-based experiences for prospects. It can answer around 33% of customer queries while providing a personalized experience. 

Watson Assistant 

Developed by IBM, Watson Assistant can efficiently run on messaging channels, websites, mobile apps, or customer service tools. In addition, the AI-powered chatbot is pre-trained with content from your specific industry. This helps the popular AI tool to understand historical chat or call logs, search for answers in the knowledge base, provide straightforward solutions to customers, or guide them to human representatives. 


The intelligent chatbot-building platform of Infobip allows you to create and deploy a smart AI-powered virtual assistant for customer service support. The new level of automation, speed, and availability boosts customer satisfaction while reducing overall customer support costs. 

Zendesk Answer Bot

Many brands are leveraging chatbot software to engage their customers and streamline in-house operations. Zendesk Answer Bot is a multilingual tool that works alongside your support team. You can deploy the Zendesk Answer Bot fly solo or use additional technology on top of the Zendesk chatbot within mobile apps or on your website chat. 

AI experts help brands build chatbots that can understand customer queries and offer quick solutions. If you want to know more about developing an AI app, schedule a call with Inferenz experts today! 

Build The Best AI Chatbot Or App With Inferenz Experts 

Undoubtedly, AI chatbot software is a conversational tool that can benefit businesses in multiple ways. Not only can a powerful chatbot improve customer interaction, but it can also help brands boost sales. If you are a business owner wanting to stay ahead and understand the ins and outs of the competitive world, it’s vital to invest in creating your AI app. 

Inferenz has a team of dedicated and professional Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning experts who understands your business needs and help you get off on the right foot. Whether you are a healthcare or an eCommerce owner, we will help you create the best AI chatbots for business to improve customer support.