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35 Best ChatGPT Alternatives | Free & Paid

ChatGPT alternatives are emerging as saviors for users tired of hearing, “ChatGPT is at capacity right now.” With OpenAI’s ChatGPT becoming a viral sensation, it’s no surprise that the wait times have been getting longer than the queue for the rollercoaster ride.

With over 100 million users and a constant stream of screenshots flooding our social media feeds, it’s clear that ChatGPT has become the talk of the town. But let’s be real; waiting for the AI tool to become available can be a real drag. 

That’s why we’ve scoured the Internet to curate a list of the 35 best ChatGPT alternatives for 2023. From generic chatbots to customizable AI assistants, this list has every tool covered to help you bypass the “ChatGPT at capacity” message and get the answers you need!

Whether you are looking for free online alternatives to ChatGPT like Google or you want a free AI tool like ChatGPT for code, this article has got you covered! We have covered the soon-to-launch free online alternatives to ChatGPT that you won’t find everywhere else.

The top free AI tools like ChatGPT 2023 that we will discuss include GitHub Copilot for coding, Google’s Bard, Microsoft Bing, and 32 others. So, get ready as we dive deep into the exclusive list of free online alternatives to ChatGPT.

What Is ChatGPT? 

ChatGPT is a powerful large language model chatbot developed by OpenAI. The conversational AI chatbot ChatGPT is trained on nearly hundreds of billions of words from the web. GPT-3.5 powers ChatGPT and helps users to generate text, write codes, or even have a conversation. 

Recently, OpenAI launched its pricing plan for the ChatGPT model, which includes 

  • Free ChatGPT plan 
  • ChatGPT Plus for $20 per month 

How To Use ChatGPT in 2023? 

ChatGPT broke all the records by having more than one million users in a week, which is quite incredible! 

ChatGPT is undoubtedly an excellent tool for curating stories, creating essays, generating blogs, or writing code. However, it’s important to write a detailed prompt to use the ChatGPT efficiently. 

You can check out our guide on how to use ChatGPT with free prompts to understand the nitty-gritty of using the AI chatbot. 

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Why Choose ChatGPT Alternatives In 2023? 

No matter how useful ChatGPT is, it has some downsides and limitations. Although ChatGPT has been free to use since its launch, users are searching for an accurate and reliable AI tool. Let’s see why there is a rising tide of alternatives, despite ChatGPT being the talk of the town. 

  • Due to the soaring popularity of ChatGPT, the site is often at its capacity. 
  • It is not well-trained to respond to events that happened after 2021. 
  • ChatGPT cannot generate AI art or visuals since it is a text-based AI chatbot. 
  • It cannot generate voice responses, nor can it accept voice commands. 
  • Often, the answer generated by ChatGPT involves factual errors or non-existing information. 

Even though the current version of ChatGPT is free, there are fewer chances that the tool will remain free forever. 

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, said, “The average cost of ChatGPT is single-digit per chat.” 

Targeting the limitations of ChatGPT, many big tech companies are rolling out their AI tools. The AI tools come with diverse features, ensuring that you can find exactly what you are looking for. 

35 Top ChatGPT Alternatives in 2023

In this ChatGPT alternative for beginners guide, we reveal the 35 best AI tools similar to ChatGPT. While many of them have similar use cases as that of ChatGPT, others come with a unique set of features. Read along to find some of the best ChatGPT alternatives you should consider in 2023. 

GitHub Copilot – Free

GitHub Copilot utilizes the GPT-3 model to generate codes for users. Copilot by GitHub is one of the top ChatGPT alternatives for coding, as the powerful tool generates syntax in 12 different languages. We have compared the two AI giants, Copilot and ChatGPT, in our detailed guide

Google’s Bard AI – Free

Google released an AI-powered conversational chatbot that works like ChatGPT called Bard AI. The unique feature of Google Bard AI is that its data is not limited to a specific year and is completely free. 

Microsoft Bing AI – Free

Similar to Google, Microsoft announced Bing AI based on OpenAI’s large language model. The revamped search engine of Bing is powered by GPT-4, and Microsoft claims that it is faster and can help users get more accurate results from the web. 

Chatsonic – Paid 

ChatGPT alternative like Chatsonic AI is a writing assistant built explicitly for multi-turn assistants. As it is integrated with Google, users can get results on the latest topics — something which ChatGPT cannot do. 

The founder and CEO of Writesonic alluded to Chatsonic as “an AI tool like ChatGPT but with superpowers.” However, it’s important to note that the impressive ChatGPT alternative is not free to use. Once the free trial of 10,000 words ends, users have to pay around $12.67. 

Claude – Free

ChatGPT has no shortage of competitors in the artificial intelligence world. Claude, developed by the Google-backed company Anthropic, is a powerful AI assistant for businesses and individuals. 

Jasper Chat – Paid

Jasper Chat is a decent alternative to ChatGPT that allows users to generate high-quality content in a short time. The unique feature of Jasper Chat is that users get quick access to the world’s best models, including GPT-4 and others, as soon as they launch. That said, if GPT-5 releases anytime soon, Jasper Chat AI users will get instant access to it — all thanks to Jasper AI’s engine. 

YouChat – Free

Recently, YouChat introduced YouChat 2.0 — another conversational AI ChatGPT alternative that can provide better answers, rich visuals, and reliable information. It uses artificial intelligence and NLP (Natural Language Processing) to generate human-like responses and answer questions. 

OpenAI Playground – Free

If you are locked out of ChatGPT, OpenAI Playground is here to give you a gist of ChatGPT’s capabilities. It lets you experiment with different language learning models, something which ChatGPT does not support. However, it’s worth noting that the tool is not designed for daily users. 

GPT-4 by OpenAI – Paid 

OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, has launched a more powerful and accurate version of ChatGPT – GPT-4. You can input text or images to generate content faster than ChatGPT. 

If you want to know more about ChatGPT’s predecessor – GPT-4, check out our detailed newsletter, where we have covered everything about the latest version of the large language model.

Replika – Paid

Replika – the AI companion who cares – is one of the best ChatGPT alternatives for 2023. The AI tool is powered by the GPT-3 language model and learns from the previous inputs. As it has access to the Internet, you can expect the latest news. 

SAM by Meta AI – Free

Meta AI has officially released SAM – an AI tool that can identify objects in images and videos. The best part about the Segment Anything Model is that it can locate objects which were not part of its training. 

Neeva AI – Paid

Unlike ChatGPT, which is trained till September 2021, Neeva AI can provide information about current issues. It has recently released a new AI search app called Gist for a quick browsing experience. Though the AI tool offers a free trial, you have to pay $4.96 per month after it ends. 

Amazon Codewhisperer – Free

Amazon Codewhisperer, developed by Amazon, is an excellent code-writing tool for programmers. Like GitHub’s Copilot, Amazon Codewhisperer can work across a variety of programming languages, including but not limited to Python, Java, C#, etc. 

Perplexity AI – Free 

One of the top ChatGPT alternatives launched recently in the conversational AI space is Perplexity. Powered by OpenAI API, the AI tool provides instant answers to questions. Some other features include voice search, thread history, follow-up questions, and a lot more. 

Elsa Speak – Free 

It’s a free near-human-like English-speaking tutor, as per the creators. The voice AI tutor is currently available in the exclusive private beta. Get ready to translate different languages into English with Elsa! 

Socratic by Google – Free

The kid-friendly chatbot is designed for students who want help with school queries. A few years back, the AI app earned Google Play’s Best Apps of 2017 award. The paid tool is available for $4.99 per month for the first child and 50% off for each extra kid. 

QuillBot Translator – Free

You must have heard about the paraphrasing and AI-powered writing assistant QuillBot. It is one of the best AI writing tools that help users to rewrite any article, paragraph, or sentence. Recently, QuillBot announced a top-tier translator capable of translating 30+ languages. – Free + Paid is an AI-powered meeting assistant that can write real-time virtual meeting notes, generate summaries, capture slides, or record audio. If you are looking to make your presentations seamless, give a try to this ChatGPT alternative. 

CoGram – Paid

If you are a data science and machine learning enthusiast, CoGram AI is the ideal coding assistant for you. Like, CoGram automatically takes virtual notes in meetings, provides summaries, and syncs with CRM in real-time. 

Chinchilla AI – Coming Soon

Chinchilla AI is a 70-billion-parameter AI language model developed by DeepMind. According to the developers, the large language model is capable of outperforming its competing LLMs like GPT-3. 

Rytr – Free + Paid 

Rytr is an AI-powered writing tool designed for copywriters. It can create a well-generated copy using 40+ use cases and experimenting with 20+ tones. 

PepperType – Free + Paid

From blog posts, blog intros, and product descriptions to Google ad copies, PepperType can write everything for you. It is an easy-to-use tool and generates responses without any downtime. 

MagicEraser – Free 

Though not similar to ChatGPT, MagicEraser is an excellent tool for editing pictures and removing unwanted things in seconds. 

MagickPen – Free + Paid Plan

Based on GPT-3.5, MagickPen is a full-fledged content generator tool. It can help you write articles, translate content, correct grammar, fix code, etc. The AI writer supports multiple languages besides English. 

Tome – Free + Paid

Tome uses GPT-3 and storytelling skills to create proper presentations based on your prompts. You can easily tinker with the elements, add headings, embed live content, or access 3D rendering with the popular ChatGPT alternative. The Tome Pro plan, released recently, offers unlimited AI compute credit and a lot more features. 

Quora Poe – Free

Poe is created by Quora, which allows users to initiate back-and-forth conversations, get quick answers, and experiment with various kinds of AI chatbots. In addition, it enables users to converse with multiple ChatGPT-like tools for free. However, it’s only available for iOS users. 

Caktus AI – Paid

Similar to Socratic by Google, Caktus AI is designed to help students complete their homework. From discussions, questions, and coding, to offering career advice, Caktus AI is one of the best educational tools, whereas ChatGPT is for general assistance across a wide array of topics. 

Tabnine – Paid

If you want an AI coding tool better than ChatGPT, go ahead with Tabnine. It supports the majority of frameworks, libraries, and languages. Recently, Tabnine has established a partnership with Google Cloud to help software developers with quick code completion. 

WordTune – Free 

Another great ChatGPT alternative is WordTune, which can write clear, authentic, and compelling words. You can add it to your Chrome to get started. 

Stock AI – Free

If you find it hard to get images for your blogs for free, try Stock AI. You can use AI-generated stock images for your project without worrying about attribution. 

Character AI – Free

Based on neural language models, the concept of Character AI revolves around personas. Using the alternative to ChatGPT, users can converse with different AI characters, including Tony Stark, Elon Musk, Joe Biden, and a lot more! Character AI claims that active users spend two hours daily on the platform. 

Even though the Character AI is free, you will have to create an account to use the services. – Paid 

Whether you want to monitor any website without coding or build a custom no-code data pipeline, Browse AI is a helpful alternative to ChatGPT. The easy-to-search feature lets you quickly find information on complex or large websites. 

Midjourney AI – Paid

Midjourney AI is an AI-powered image generator that can help users streamline their creative process. With the help of the AI tool, you can create high-quality visual content in a short time. And the fun doesn’t end here! Recently, Midjourney released a describe command to help users transform images into words. 

DeepL Write – Free + Paid

DeepL Write is an AI-powered writing assistance tool capable of refining the writing quality and accuracy of the users. If you want to generate plagiarism-free, quality content for your project, try DeepL Write. 

Bloom – Paid 

Regarded as the world’s largest open multilingual language model, Bloom is one of the top alternatives to ChatGPT in 2023. Using the advanced AI tool, users can generate text in nearly 46 languages and 13 programming languages. 

Top ChatGPT Alternatives! 

That’s all from our side! We hope you have found the best alternative to ChatGPT for 2023.

In fact, Elon Musk is planning to build his own free online alternative to ChatGPT by OpenAI like “Based AI.” If he successfully launches the free AI tool, like ChatGPT, in 2023 or beyond, we can expect it to be the major rival standing head-to-head and competing with ChatGPT.

If you are wondering how to develop your own AI tool, contact Inferenz experts today. Our AI and ML experts can help you create a powerful ChatGPT alternative that suits your project requirements!