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Inferenz experts work with multiple industries, including Information & Technology, Research & Development, Computer Networking, eCommerce Retail, Healthcare or Medicine, and Manufacturing, to help them with next-gen technology. The team has helped leading healthcare, retail, and manufacturing enterprises to implement the latest technologies and improve how they store data, interact with customers, and make strategic business decisions. The predictive analytics solutions of Inferenz help healthcare businesses to monitor the patient’s vital parameters. The data expert team helps healthcare and retail industries understand the data source, transfer their data to one location, understand crucial parameters for positive and negative patients, and much more. The certified professionals of Inferenz help enterprises prepare data, handle missing and imbalanced datasets, identify the best model, and leverage the latest solutions such as feature engineering, model training, model evaluation, and testing. Implementing the latest technologies in the healthcare business help predict diseases before time and save the patient from emergency situations. Retailers in the digital world find it challenging to access centralized information, analyze the success of campaigns, manage supply chains, and cut down on the expenses of improper marketing channels. Inferenz eCommerce analytics solutions help retailers integrate all the data from disparate into one system with the help of a data virtualization tool. Implementation of Self Service BI tool and predictive analytics solution allows retailers to identify efficient marketing channels to generate better revenue. Data availability in real-time helps eCommerce owners make quick and strategic business decisions and increase conversions using predictive analytics tools. The latest technologies, such as Blockchain development, Metaverse development, Predictive Analysis, and Data Analytics, help different industries improve how they do business, sell their products, or offer their services. Using the latest data analytics tools and technologies helps enterprises eliminate the time-consuming data access or fetching process while reducing the time required to make strategic business decisions. Inferenz helps manufacturing and retail brands to migrate all their scattered data to the cloud successfully and increase the speed and power of data analytics. Integration of cutting-edge and enterprise-grade technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics, etc., help brands improve sales, revenue, and business decisions using their data.