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Common event framework development and predictive analytics

  • Complex predictive analytics implementation on top of unstructured data
  • Difficulty in integrating new events for measuring campaign success due to different sources
  • Additional cost for processing huge events for different projects
  • Data management tool/technology assessment
  • Implemented common event framework to structure different events coming from campaign, apps, services in same structure
  • Developed rule engine to process events and deliver results based on given rules
  • Implemented predictive analytics to forecast customer retention
  • Improved Customer retentions by 25 %
  • Time required to embed by  new campaign events reduced by 80%
  • Cost of events processing reduced by 40%

US based computer networking hardware provider

Struggling with complex predictive analytics integration on unstructured data and faced with challenges in measuring campaign success due to disparate event sources, the customer sought solutions to streamline event processing, minimize costs, and enhance predictive capabilities for forecasting customer retention.