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Data Engineering and data migration from SQL to Snowflake

Data Virtuality
Power BI
SQL Server
  • Delays in accessing centralized information
  • Identifying proper marketing channel to get more sales conversion
  • Analyzing incremental revenue by marketing campaign/efforts
  • Inventory out of stock situations
  • Built analytics solutions which integrates information from different sources using data virtualization tool
  • Implemented Self Service BI tool
  • Built predictive analytics solution for customer segmentation, marketing channel effectiveness
  • Customer centile analysis and A/B testing for analyzing incremental revenue
  • Demand forecasting solution for KVI
  • 100% information availability in near real time. 
  • Increased conversion by 15% in Catalog and Email Channel using predictive analytics
  • Reduced Out of Stock scenarios with implementation of demand forecasting 

US based Health products manufacturing company

The customer had challenges including delays in accessing centralized information, identifying suitable marketing channels for increased sales conversion, and managing inventory stockouts.