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Document Information Extraction

Azure Function
Azure Form Recognizer
  • Manual extraction: Manual entry of various data points such as the entry of insured person, vehicle info, and coverage details leads to errors
  • Time-consuming: Manual extraction causes delays in processing insurance claims.
  • Error-prone data: Manual extraction increases the likelihood of errors in data entry, potentially resulting in inaccuracies in policy information and impacting the overall efficiency and reliability of insurance operations.
  • Azure Form Recognizer Integration: Utilize Azure Function triggered by image URL for streamlined document processing.
  • Tailored extraction with Azure Form Recognizer: Customization of Azure Form Recognizer ensures precise extraction of coverage-related details. The built-in model is trained and configured to accurately identify critical information like coverage limits, vehicle specifics, policyholder data, and other pertinent details essential for insurance analysis.
  • Data Refinement: Employ Pandas, Regex, and Numpy for further data structuring and cleanliness post-Azure extraction.
  • JSON Response via Azure API: Transmit structured JSON data through Azure API endpoint for seamless access and utilization.
  • Reduced manual entry errors: Azure Form Recognizer integration minimizes errors, ensuring accurate insurance data processing.
  • Time saved per document: Implementing Azure Form Recognizer significantly reduces processing time by automating coverage extraction.
  • Faster coverage processing: Azure Form Recognizer accelerates coverage information extraction, enhancing overall efficiency in insurance operations.

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The problem lies in the manual extraction of crucial data points, resulting in time-consuming processes prone to errors. These obstacles hinder efficient processing of insurance claims and jeopardize the accuracy of policy information.