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Best AWS Competitors And Alternatives

AWS competitors are unlimited, but choosing a cloud computing platform with excellent features and a cost-effective pricing model for your business can be complex.

Amazon Web Services (or AWS) is one of the world’s leading cloud computing service platforms that offers fast, flexible, and reliable business solutions.

In this guide, we’ll reveal the best AWS alternatives and competitors that businesses can choose to grow in the competitive market.

top AWS Competitors

List Of Top AWS Competitors

As of the first quarter of 2022, AWS has the highest market share and controls 33% of the entire market. Microsoft Azure holds the second position with a 21% share, followed by Google Cloud Platform with 8% of the market share. Below is the list of top alternatives of AWS cloud providers.

Microsoft Azure

Introduced by Microsoft in 2010, Azure is a flexible, open-source cloud platform. It is one of the top alternatives to AWS that enables you to develop, store data, manage services, and host cloud solutions with one platform.

  • The azure pricing model also follows the same approach as AWS cloud services.
  • The platform offers high scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness to businesses.
  • Different open-source tools, OS, and languages can be used on Azure.
  • AWS Windows Server and SQL Server are five times more expensive compared to Azure.

Google Cloud Platform

GCP (or Google Cloud Platform) is one of the enormously and fastest-growing cloud computing platforms in the market. The variety of solutions and technologies makes it one of the top alternatives to AWS. However, there are still certain areas where GCP lags behind AWS, like the number of services.

  • GCP provides fully managed, simplified, and serverless services.
  • It offers multi-cloud facilities.
  • The robust security of the platform reduces the risk involved.
  • It can be fully integrated with leading open-source software.

IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud offers you a wide range of services that improves data value using artificial intelligence and new insights. It is a robust set of data tools and advanced AI and spans public, private, and hybrid environments.

  • IBM Cloud enables you to transfer files quickly between their global data centers without cost.
  • Cloud servers are highly secured, eliminating the risk of local copies.
  • Low cost-per-seat for finishing, animation, and editing.

Oracle Cloud

The Generation 2 cloud enterprise offers robust networking and multiple integrated cloud services. With its unique capabilities, Oracle Cloud offers unmatched performance, security, and cost savings to enterprises.

  • High-level security features protect sensitive customer data for years.
  • The open-source cloud lets you run Oracle software, third-party apps, and open-source options without trade-offs.
  • The platform supports multi-cloud and hybrid strategies.

VMware Cloud

VMware Cloud is one of the best cloud management platforms that can manage the entire application portfolio over public and hybrid clouds. With the managed cloud VPS, users can manage their entire workload from a single environment.

  • The cloud platform allows you to deploy any application to and from any cloud.
  • Single security and operational models across private and public cloud platforms reduce complexity, improve ROI, and minimize risks.
  • A flexible cloud computing platform helps you gain insights, deploy applications, and manage resources efficiently.

AWS Competitors cloud service providers

Which Is The Best Cloud Service Provider

In the fiercely competitive and fast-paced world, businesses increasingly rely on cloud services. By 2026, Gartner predicts that public cloud spending will touch 45% of all IT spending.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing service is the top cloud provider in the market. The user-friendly platform is flexible, secure, scalable, and cost-effective, which makes it easy to develop and deploy applications on AWS.

Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform are second and third, respectively, in the list of feature-rich cloud platforms. Both are close competitors of AWS cloud computing services and offer robust data security to safely store information in the cloud infrastructure.

Understanding the differences between AWS, Azure, and GCP – the three leading cloud technologies – will enable you to choose the right one for your enterprise. If you are confused about which cloud service you should choose, consider contacting Inferenz experts.

best AWS alternatives for businessChoose The Best AWS Alternative For Your Business

Each cloud provider has its own advantages and disadvantages. Developers should choose the cloud service provider depending on their requirements, convenience, and security.

We’ve covered the top five alternatives to AWS that ensure high-end security, privacy, and confidentiality for data stored in the cloud. To know more about the best AWS competitors and alternatives in 2023, contact Inferenz experts today!

FAQs On AWS Alternatives

What is better than AWS?

Microsoft Azure and GCP are similar to AWS’s innovative cloud services. The three platforms have the maximum market share, indicating they are the top cloud computing platforms in the market.

Which is better: AWS or Microsoft Azure?

Azure is one of the best AWS alternatives but more costly compared to AWS services. However, it is the best alternative to AWS hosting provider only if the enterprise needs a robust Platform-as-a-Service with windows integration. On the contrary, AWS is ideal if a business needs Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

Is AWS better than GCP?

GCP beats Amazon Web Services on flexibility and price, while AWS provides a variety of cloud services, has a global reach, and is one of the most highly scalable cloud service providers available in the market.