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Machine Learning in eCommerce: How ML Reshaped Price Optimization?

Machine Learning in eCommerce is an exceptionally imperative methodology that helps retailers decide the best possible cost for every item and predict customer reactions. Earlier retailers used the traditional pricing models that involved manual intervention and time-consuming processes. As a result, eCommerce business owners found it overwhelming to choose the price that maximizes profit and boosts customer engagement. 

With predictive models and price optimization for retail solutions, it is easy to predict prices and demands that meet the current market conditions and encourage customers to purchase products. This Machine Learning in eCommerce guide will reveal the basics of price optimization, why retailers should leverage the opportunities of Machine Learning, and how this advanced technology is reshaping the industry. 

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What Is Price Optimization?

Price optimization is a technique by which business owners can predict a product’s prices and demands utilizing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Before the advent of modern technologies, it was hard for eCommerce businesses to set the best prices for their commodities and improve sales. Fortunately, Machine Learning is reshaping how retail owners tackle cost assessment and enhancement while reducing manual intervention and human errors.

Leveraging advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning methodologies is the best way for eCommerce businesses to estimate the correct cost for their product and evaluate the potential impact of promotions on sales to maximize their profits. A survey by Servion Global Solutions predicts that Artificial Intelligence will power around 95% of customer interactions by 2025. A few advantages of adopting an AI methodology for price optimization for retail businesses include the following:

  • Analyzes the massive internal and external data generated by the customers and stored in the database to find a price that boosts sales
  • Avoids price reductions at the expense of profit and helps retailers get the precise price that benefits them and helps them gain a competitive edge 
  • Focuses on customer willingness to buy a product while preparing a pricing strategy to maximize profits 
  • Predicts the factors that influence the sales of a product beforehand based on past and current data to adjust the price accordingly without dealing with a time-consuming process 

Machine Learning Reshaping The Price Optimization

Traditional methods to calculate the price and demand for the product are no longer sufficient due to the fast-paced and complex market conditions. eCommerce business owners should consider investing in predictive models for price optimization to avoid facing competitive disadvantages in the foreseeable future. Here are a few ways modern predictive solutions are reshaping the retail industry.

  • Boost Customer Loyalty 

Modern technology like AI and ML will build a more grounded price optimization methodology to boost customer loyalty and generate more revenue. Machine Learning in eCommerce technology analyzes a larger dataset and considers different variables to determine the best price for each product. In addition, it will predict how customers will react to new pricing by analyzing customers’ past behavior.



  • Understand Pattern Fluctuations 

Machine Learning in eCommerce is helping business owners understand the ever-evolving needs of customers to choose the best price for a product. Algorithms can learn patterns from data to determine when to stock products, which costs to set, and how to boost sales. 

Inferenz AI-based predictive models understand the data patterns for price optimization that boost conversions and generate profits. The experts of Inferenz have worked closely with a US-based eCommerce company to build predictive analytics solutions that increased conversions by 15%. Read out the detailed case study here. 

  • Leverage Data Power 

Retail businesses have a massive amount of data stored in their database that AI-based technology can effectively use to build strategies and predict sales. Machine Learning in eCommerce analyzes variables like customer behavior, competition, and product demand that impact business sales and determine the best price for each product.

  • Predict Accurate Outcomes

With predictive analytics, eCommerce owners can get accurate forecasts and build effective pricing solutions by analyzing historical and competitive data. Algorithms help eCommerce owners by not only evaluating the current data but also anticipating its development.

As retailers can analyze the price based on different parameters and with effective pricing solutions, Machine Learning based solutions are on their way to establishing the gold standard in the eCommerce industry.


Future Of Machine Learning In eCommerce 

With the utilization of Machine Learning in the eCommerce world continuing to enlarge, there is no doubt that this pattern will keep rising in the upcoming years. Retailers must invest in the latest technologies and leverage the opportunities of using Machine Learning that go beyond predicting product prices.

If you intend to leverage advanced technology’s true power but are unaware of how to begin, Inferenz experts can help you. The experts of Inferenz can deploy AI-based algorithms in your retail store to help you utilize the opportunities of Machine Learning in the eCommerce world.